Dr Karim Esgandari

Payame Noor University - East Azerbaijan - Faculty of Management, Economics and Accounting Dept. - Management
Ph.D - Public Management
Assistant Professor

I am a member of the faculty of the university and at the same time I started my university studies and in order to gain practical experience, I entered small businesses and finally relatively stable businesses in the market. By working in universities and businesses, I have tried to make a lasting impact, which is to accept the supremacy. Hopeful for more efforts to educate and nurture future youth and help managers and entrepreneurs to grow and develop organizations and businesses in the direction of Iran.


Faculty Member of Payame Noor University

Payame Noor University

- Present


Public Administration - Human Resources Management

Islamic Azad University



Public Administration - Financial Management

Islamic Azad University




1. Public Administration,

2. Human Resource Management,

3. Human Resource Branding,

4. Types of Intelligence in Management,

5. Performance base budgeting in the Government َgencies