Khalil Safari

Payame Noor University - Shiraz - Faculty of Management, Economics and Accounting Dept. - Management
Ph.D - Human Resource, Knowledge Management, entrepreneurship
Assistant Professor

My research and consulting practice focus on how entrepreneurs and SMEs operate in the business environment of Iran. I investigate the relationship between Good Governance and the precision of entrepreneurs and SMEs’ owners toward the business environment. My newest research projects deal with the impact of the knowledge economy in the relationship between good governance and the precision of entrepreneurs and SMEs’ owners toward economic opportunities. At the faculty of business administration in Payam Noor University, I teach various management courses such as Principles of Management, Decision Making (MADM approach), Operation research, Probabilities and Applied Statistics, statistical analysis, and English in Management.

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Dean of Kherameh Payam Noor University Center (a branch of Fars Payam Noor university)

Payam Noor university

2020 - Present

faculty member

Payam Noor University

2007 - Present

Member of Educational Council of Payam Noor University of Fars province

Payam Noor University

2018 - 2019

Member of the Cultural Council of the Payam Noor University, Kazeroon Center

Payam Noor University

2011 - 2013

Responsible for Staff Training and Performance Evaluation of Fars Province Payam Noor University

Payam Noor University

2008 - 2009

Human Resources Expert

Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company

2003 - 2006


Industrial management (Operation Research)

University of Shahid Beheshti


2003 - 2006

Business Administration

University of Payam Noor


2012 - 2016